10 Childhood Memories All 60s Kids Will Remember

6. Mods vs Rockers

Growing tensions between two of the most popular sub-cultures of British youth came to a head in May of 1964. The infamous showdown (known as the “second battle of Hastings”) took place along the southern English coastline as the Mods and the Rockers faced off in a battle for supremacy. Leather jackets vs suits, brothel creepers vs Chelsea boots, the fights made headline news across the nation. In the end we prefer to sit on the fence with this one, à la Ringo Starr, who famously referred to himself as a “Mocker”.

7. Pirate Radio

Radio Caroline pirate station

Whichever side of the Mod vs Rockers fence you fell, you will certainly remember the revolutionary pirate radio stations. Tony Blackburn, John Peel, Kenny Everett, and more made themselves stars aboard ships off the Essex coast. The overwhelming popularity of these revolutionary disc jockeys would go on to change British radio forever!

8. The Profumo Affair

While hip young radio presenters became pop culture icons, politics in the 60s was at the centre of attention for very different reasons. “There was no impropriety whatsoever in my acquaintanceship with Miss Keeler”, are the words John Profumo stuck by until June of 1963. It all ended for Profumo when he finally admitted his affair with then 19-year-old Christine Keeler and promptly resigned from office.

9. BeatleMania

The Beatles fab four land JFK

Okay, we could hardly not include this one! BeatleMania needs no explanation for the youth of the sixties. An estimated 73 million Americans were introduced to the Liverpool lads during their appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in February 1964, the rest is rock and roll history…

10. The British Invasion

British Invasion America UK music flag

Of course, headed by the titan of BeatleMania, the rest of the British music scene was given a huge boost across the pond as Americans became enthralled by the new British beat phenomenon! The response was so well received, America even created their own version of the British Invasion with The Monkees (fronted by Brit Davey Jones no less – you can read more about the cross over between British and American artists HERE).

Were you lucky enough to have grown up in the 60s? What memories do you have of this revolutionary time? Let us know in the comments below!

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