10 Childhood Memories All 60s Kids Will Remember

The 60s is a decade fondly remembered by those lucky enough to have been there! Youth uprising, revolutionary music, iconic pop-culture, and the “Summer Of Love”. Let’s take a trip down memory lane as we look at 10 Childhood Memories All 60s Kids Will Remember.

1. Swinging London

Swinging Sixties London 60s

Swinging London was at the heart of the cultural revolution which took place during the 1960s. The gloomy post-war capital was transformed into an epicentre of fashion and style by the pleasure seeking youth movement. The economic boom gave life to a period of optimism and freedom never before seen by the youngsters of Britain.

2. Scooters

Mod scooter Vespa Lambretta

For the youth of 60s Britain, Italian scooters were not just a practical and cost-effect way to get around. More importantly whizzing around on your Lambretta or Vespa was a true fashion statement! Custom paint jobs, chrome luggage racks, and one too many mirrors all played a hand in how you were perceived by fellow members of the growing youth revolution.

3. The Mini

Mini Mark 1 British Motor Corporation

If two wheels wasn’t your thing, you could also choose to travel in style on 4. That’s right, it’s the icon of British culture – the MINI! The ground breaking design of Sir Alec Issigonis was rolled out by the British Motor Corporation in 1959 and was voted the second most influential vehicle of the 20th century. The four seater Mark 1 Mini, produced until 1967, is still a favourite amongst motor enthusiasts across the world.

4. Man On The Moon

Man On The Moon Landing

“One giant leap for mankind!”. Anyone who lived through the 60s will be able to tell you exactly where they were when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin etched their names into the annals of history by becoming the first ever people to walk the surface of the moon. An estimated 500 million across the globe tuned in and witnessed the incredible images broadcast in July of 1969.

5. Mary Quant & The Mini Skirt

The Miniskirt was one of the defining fashion statements of the 60s. English designer Mary Quant is credited with inventing the somewhat controversial garment. This is disputed by some fashion gurus, however mention Quant’s name to anyone who grew up in the sixties and the Miniskirt will instantly come to mind. As of the 2015 New Years Honours list, she is better known as Dame Mary Quant.